Join the Bishop’s Stortford Bible Reading Challenge. Read a Bible portion every day, and learn God’s message to you.

JOIN US as we take the challenge to read a short section of the Bible every day.

Our Bible Reading plan gives you a chapter to read every day for a year, giving you an overview of the whole Bible and its message. Follow our six easy steps; notes are provided for each day’s reading.

  • Step 1 – Week 1 Introduction
  • Step 2 – Weeks 2-3 Genesis and Matthew (1)
  • Step 3 - Weeks 4-6 Genesis and Matthew (2)
  • Step 4 – Weeks 7-10 Genesis and Matthew (3)
  • Step 5 – Weeks 11-26 Mark, Luke, John, Exodus to Ruth
  • Step 6 – Weeks 27-52 Acts and the Epistles, Joshua to Malachi, Revelation

The notes are written by the members of Bishop’s Stortford Christadelphians – people of various ages and different backgrounds.

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Why read the Bible for yourself?

  • Because it is God’s message to you.
  • To find out what it really says, without relying on the interpretation of others.
  • For practical advice on daily living.
  • To obtain hope for the future.
  • To understand Bible prophecy and what it tells us about world events.
  • Because it is a good read.