Request a Copy of the Bible Reading Planner

The Bible Reading Planner is a convenient way of planning your daily Bible reading. Send us an e-mail to request your copy.

Bible Reading Planner

The plan will give you a chapter to read every day, giving you an overview of the whole Bible and it’s message.

Our notes on the daily Bible Readings, were written by our own members in Bishop’s Stortford, and are designed to accompany your reading from the Bible Reading Planner.

More advanced readers may wish to follow the Bible Companion Planner which will take you through the whole Bible in a year.
Send us an e-mail if you wish us to send you a copy of the Bible Companion Planner in bookmark format, or you may download the Bible Companion in pdf format here.

Should you wish us to provide you with a free Bible to get you started on your readings, then simply contact us. We will be very happy to briefly meet with you in the Bishop’s Stortford or Cambridge area to provide you with a basic Bible to start you on your way.