Bible Reading Notes—Step 6: Week 36

Sunday – Psalm 32

This Psalm teaches the importance of forgiveness. Implicit in this is the need to recognise our own sin, so that it can be forgiven. David tells us how he suffered with ill health before he acknowledged his sin and repented. It was only when he did so, that God forgave him and healed him. So David was moved to sing songs of deliverance to God. David advises us to pray to God for forgiveness while we have the opportunity. It is the righteous who do this. This means that the righteous are not perfect – they too must be forgiven for their sins. In contrast, the wicked are those who do not understand the need to repent. They suffer for their sins and stay in this position, refusing to come to God. They are too proud to admit fault and seek God. But blessed are those who find forgiveness.

Monday – Psalm 37

Do not be jealous and resentful over the wicked. The wicked seem to prosper and gain out of their evil ways, but this is only temporary. Again and again, the Psalm emphasises the punishment of the wicked. They will only live in prosperity for a short time. Just like the green plants, they grow up quickly only to disappear as suddenly. Even if they grow as tall as a green tree, they will soon come to an end. But the righteous will be blessed by God (compare Matthew 5:5-6). They will live long in the land and shine like the Sun. The righteous must keep trusting in God and waiting for the day of justice. The righteous will never have to beg bread. They are promised that they will live in the land for ever. This means they will have eternal life in the land. Now this is worth waiting for! So do not be concerned over the apparent prospering of the wicked, it will not last for long.

Tuesday – Psalm 45

We are given a scene of a splendid and majestic King riding out. The enemies cringe before him, but his companions and admirers rejoice. The King stands for all things that are right, true and just. The wicked need to beware. This king is none other than Jesus, the son of God, for we are told this in Hebrews 1verse 8. Jesus represents God in establishing the justice of God’s kingdom. Another event occurs at the establishment of the kingdom – a wedding. The King is enraptured by the beauty of his bride. It follows that this bride must be also be righteous for the king to admire her (see Revelation 19:7-8, 2 Corinthians 11:2). This wedding results in joy and gladness. Those who are part of the kingdom will share the joy of this moment. All who rejoice at what is true and right and just will find this a time of jubilation and praise for ever and ever.

Wednesday – Psalm 46

God is a help to those of His people who are in trouble. Even if the world seems to be falling apart, those who trust in God need not be afraid. Even if all the nations are in turmoil, God will help His own people. God will set up a city from which comes streams. God will help this city. He is a fortress to his people. God will bring about peace in the land by destroying the weapons of war. The righteous need to “Be still” and wait for time when God will exalt Himself in the land in the sight of the nations.

Thursday – Psalm 48

This is a superb Psalm about Zion (Jerusalem). Zion is God’s mountain and God’s city. It is beautiful in God’s eyes and brings joy to the whole land. It is also the city of the great King. In it is the temple of God, where God can be found, and His qualities of love, righteousness and safety. The nations, however, are not impressed. They combine forces to attack God’s city. They do not know God. Of course, they suffer defeat, terror and pain. But those who trust in God are not let down. They are able to rejoice and tell the next generation of God’s victory.

Friday – Psalm 49

This Psalm puts riches and rich people in their place. The rich may live in large houses, have great wealth and make a name for themselves, but they will not endure beyond that point. No one can buy everlasting life. The rich are destined to perish like the animals and leave their wealth to others. They will remain in their tombs. However, the righteous will be redeemed from the grave and will be with God. So let all people be wise and understand this. Riches will not save from the evil day of death, but God will. So choose God.

Saturday – Psalm 51

David knows his sins. So he appeals for God to forgive him. David acknowledges that he is a natural sinner, but God is able to forgive him and make him clean. We must understand that all sin is sin against God. It is to God that we must go to obtain removal of our sin. God is not wrong in making us aware of our sin. He is right and justified in what He has stated in His laws. David wants to be renewed in His relationship with God, so he can teach other sinners about how to be forgiven. Forgiveness requires humility and sorrow over our sin. Then God will accept requests for forgiveness and those who are forgiven will praise God for His goodness. This is how we can be forgiven.