Discovering the Gospel


This programme is designed to help you discover the Gospel message for yourself.The Bible claims to be God’s word to us. It tells us about God, and about ourselves. It tells us how we should live, and gives us a hope for the future, a hope of everlasting life. Isn’t it time you read God’s message?

How the course works. There are no detailed notes to read. Each week you are given a number of Bible passages to read carefully about a particular theme. A worksheet accompanying the Bible passages encourages you to record what each of the Bible passages tells you in answer to the questions people have about Bible Teaching and the gospel message. You are encouraged to read carefully, letting the Bible speak for itself. You can either meet up with one of our members to work through the sheets together, or request the completed sheets from one of our Bible Reading Groups.


General information:


The course is FREE.

The cost of all materials will be met by local Christadelphians. You will never be asked for money or to make any donations of any kind.

Who is the course for?

The course is open to anyone with an interest in finding out more about the Bible, whatever their own beliefs or denomination.

What I will need

A ring-binder for your completed worksheets will be provided, either at the class or posted to your house if you are doing the course by distance learning. You will need to have a Bible – if you do not have a complete Bible, let us know and we can supply one.


What the Bible tells us about:

  1. God
  2. Jesus
  3. Man
  4. Life after Death
  5. The Return of Christ
  6. The Kingdom of God
  7. The Resurrection
  8. How God wrote the Bible
The Gospel in the Old Testament:

  1. The Gospel and Adam
  2. The Gospel and Abraham
  3. The Gospel and Moses
  4. The Gospel and the Law of Moses


  1. How Jesus overcame temptation
  2. Why Jesus had to die
  3. Jesus the true priest
The Nation of Israel:

  1. What was so special about Israel
  2. Bible prophecy and Israel
  3. The future for Israel

Our personal response to the gospel:

  1. Repent, for the kingdom is at hand
  2. Continuing in prayer
  3. Being fit for the kingdom of God
  4. Discipleship




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