Learn to Read the Bible Effectively


If you find the Bible difficult to  read and hard to understand then this is the course for you! Six concise and informative sessions aim to equip you with the skills required to read and appreciate the Bible for yourself. Learn to Read coverYou will learn . . .

  • Who wrote the Bible – where did it come from?
  • An overview of the books of the Bible.
  • How to use the Bible to interpret itself.
  • About Bible history and chronology.
  • How to use cross-references.
  • How to use a concordance and a lexicon.
  • About the different versions of the Bible and how to choose the best version for yourself.
  • How to understand difficult Bible terminology.
  • A reading plan which can help you to read the whole Bible in a year.


About the Course 

Sessions will be posted to you, for you to work through at your own pace. Or alternatively, ask to meet up with one or two of our members who would be happy to go through it with you. The course is free; the cost of all materials will be met by local Christadelphians.


Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone with an interest in finding out more about the Bible, and reading it for themselves, whatever their own beliefs or denomination.


What I will need

A ring-binder for the class outlines and course notes will be provided, either at the class or posted to your house if you are doing the course by distance learning. You will need to have a Bible – if you do not have a complete Bible, let us know and we can supply one.



Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Introduction Why Two Testaments? Study Tools (Part 1) Critics of the Bible Mystery? Life and Death in the Bible
Background of the Bible The Role of Prophecy Overview of the Books of the Bible (Part 3) God’s Purpose Revealed Terminology (Part 3) Overview of the Books of the Bible (Part 6)
The Bible Interprets Itself Tips on Reading Overview of the Books of the Bible (Part 4) Overview of the Books of the Bible (Part 5)
Overview of the Books of the Bible (Part 1) Overview of the Books of the Bible (Part 2) Terminology (Part 2) Good versus Evil
Using Cross-References Study Tools (Part 2) The Jews and the Law of Moses Terminology (Part 4)
Is reading the Bible Difficult? Terminology (Part 1) Versions of the Bible Conclusion


The sequence above is given as an example of a possible schedule, it may be adjusted to suit individual needs, and in many cases it is helpful to extend the course for more than six weeks. Full notes on all sections will be found in the Course Workbook.


Please contact us on contact@stortfordchristadelphians.org.uk  and tell us what you are looking for.